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Best hobby ever? Sex Toy reviewer for

Yes, you did read that correctly!

We are looking for Sex Toy reviewers at - you pick a Toy you fancy, we send the Toy, you play with your new Sex Toy and then you write about your experience, good, bad or indifferent.

Pretty simple stuff people!

Doesn't matter what sex you are, where you live or what Sex Toys make you happy, all welcome to apply.

Rules... there are always rules even with Sex Toy reviews...

It would be really handy if you can string 150-500 typed words words together, minor detail but send us a review you've made up of anything you like so we can just check prior...

We 100% DO NOT accept video or picture reviews of you or your new sex toy. Just text we can blog on our website please :)

We will NOT publish your full details anywhere on our site, it can all be our own little secret.

We are looking for original content in your Sex Toy review, not a cut and paste from a rival, we will check. Any blog or review can only be published by - its a fair swap.

The reviews should be helpful, whether positive or negative, and down to earth... we are NOT looking for soft porn extravaganzas!  

Beyond that, its all simple stuff.
Send a sample review of anything you like with a covering note to and we be in touch in a jiffy.

Once accepted, you can then pick one Sex Toy from our massive range at LoveMyToy once a month.
One Sex toy for free per month.
Keep the content coming and there is no limit to total toys you can bag yourselves.

So, get in touch, tell us about yourselves and we will get the Toys bagged up and ready to go.

email and lets get it on :)


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